Rising cost of Flooring.... What's going on!?

Rising cost of Flooring.... What's going on!?

If you've been considering new floors in your home, you may have noticed that prices have increased in recent years. Price increases are normal year-over-year but what is behind the increase in flooring prices?

The simplest explanation is supply and demand. The demand for flooring has increased exponentially in recent years as the economy and housing markets grow stronger -- and supply can't keep up. This is Economics 101, BUT there are other factors as well. The wood itself affects the price. How hard is it to obtain? How hard is it to work with? The cost of the skilled labor to finish the wood has increased, which is to be expected, as well.

Government regulations have contributed to higher costs too. The state of California (and soon to be enacted by the EPA) has high environmental standards for laminate and engineered goods sold in the state. The requirements relate to emissions and the manufacturing process. These standards must be verified by a licensed third-party vendor.

When you buy a flooring product, you expect a certain standard of quality, don't you? Materials must meet certain standards for grade, configuration, moisture content, and board length. The mills that cut and finish the boards are inspected at least two times a year. Quality assurance adds to the cost of flooring products.

Spending a little more upfront will save you much more down the line. A quality flooring product is an investment well worth its price.

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