Tile: An environmentally-friendly flooring material

Tile: An environmentally-friendly flooring material

When it comes to energy efficiency, durability and other green qualities, tile is unrivaled as an environmentally-friendly flooring material. The concept of sustainability and "green" building practices has caused significant changes within the flooring industry over the past decade. Building green is more than just an environmental buzzword though. In the end, you, the consumer, also benefit from sustainability through less frequent maintenance needs and greater energy efficiency, resulting in lower costs over the life of a building, as well as a healthier indoor environment.

Reason to choose tile:

  • Tile is not an original source of contaminants.
  • Tile does not compromise IAQ during initial installation.
  • Tile will not act as a "sink" to absorb VOCs or other chemicals from surrounding materials. After tile is installed, it forms a completely inert flooring system.
  • Tile will not support bacterial or fungal growth, nor will it absorb or release other contaminants.
  • Tile offers ease of maintenance with simple, water-based cleaning materials.
  • Tile does not require solvent-based cleaners or sealers. Simple, water-based products keep tile well maintained and also protects our environment. Thus, tile offers significant advantages for indoor air quality during installation and for the lifetime of the tile’s use in the building.

Tile such as DuraBody Ceramic tile offers the same characteristics and durablility of porcelain at a fraction of the cost! DuraBody tile is fired at the same temperature and glazed just like porcelain. That you means you get virtually the same frost resistance, water resistance and durability as porcelain. We are proud to be working with Interceramic®, the only manufacturer offering ceramic tile at a higher standard in North America.

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