Water Resistant Laminate

Water Resistant Laminate

The instructions for the care of every wood and laminate floor in the world admonish the owner not to get the floor wet at all costs.

Laminate floors are never to be washed with anything wetter than a damp cloth, using a specialized cleaner. And if anything spills, the owner is warned to wipe up the spillage immediately – all for a very good reason:

Moisture (let alone water…) ruins laminate floors, period.

In fact, we all know that as little as one hour under water is enough to ruin a laminate floor for good…

Until now...

Triple Moisture Protection, Republic Floors' breakthrough technology, make their laminate floors practically impervious to moisture of any kind. The ground breaking advancement enables Republic Floors products to stand under water without sustaining any damage for a full 10 hours!

High quality hot wax is applied to both the tongue and groove that completely seals the core. Every plank and panel is constructed and sealed individually. The combination of technology, quality raw materials, and uncompromising manufacturing standards make any Republic floor far more durable and water resistant than any floor manufactured by anyone anywhere in the world!

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